Customer Keg Orders

Updated: 10/7/2021

We sell kegs to customers.

  1. Ordering:
    • Call us during our posted business hours: (248) 956-7279.
    • Email us through the Contact page.
    • Order one of our kegs or bring in a personal keg for us to fill. See below for more details on this.
  2. Available Beers:
    • Beer available for keg fills change frequently and is dependent on our stock.
    • Reach out to us for availability and pricing.
  3. Lead Times on Orders:
    • Usually 7-14 days, but we will call when the keg is ready to be picked up.
  4. Ordering a DTBC Keg:
    • Our kegs are compatible with a Sankey D Coupler.
    • Keg deposit is required. It will be returned to you when we receive our keg back.
    • Keg Sizes:
      • 1/6 bbl ($70 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~41
      • 1/4 bbl ($80 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~62
      • 1/2 bbl ($100 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~124
    • Please return our keg within 3 months or you are subject to losing your deposit.
  5. Ordering a fill for a Personal Keg:
    • Bring in your keg (Sankey or Corny) cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized to at least 5-psi.
    • If the keg is not pressurized there will be a $10 cleaning fee added to your order.
    • Personal kegs that are not clean/sanitized/pressurized may take 14+ days to fill as we only clean kegs twice a month.
    • We do not fill kegs that are from other breweries (including leased kegs from breweries). Example: Micro-Star.
  6. Picking Up & Purchasing:
    • We will call you when your keg is ready to pick up.
    • You are responsible for bringing the keg out of the brewery and loading it into your vehicle, so we recommend that you bring a 2nd person to assist you. Full 1/2 bbl kegs weigh ~180 lbs.
    • Pay for your keg when you pick up, not at the time of ordering.
    • If the keg is not picked up within 7 days of us contacting you, it’s subject to be resold to another customer.
  7. Picnic/Hand Tap:
    • If you need a picnic/hand tap because it’s not going in a kegerator, just let us know and we can add one to your order ($30 deposit).
  8. Tap Handles for Sale:
    • Custom Drafting Table tap handles are also for sale for your at home kegerator.
    • $35 + tax and can be purchased at the brewery.


Updated: 6/28/2021

  1. We make beer!
    • We have a wide selection of craft beer that we brew at our facility.
    • We also serve hard cider, wine, beermosas, Faygo sode, Coke, Diet Coke, water, and Pop Daddy popcorn and hard pretzels.
  2. Food:
    • We have a BYOF policy (bring your own food).
    • We encourage you to order food from our neighboring restaurants or from the food trucks that visit.
    • Please also bring your own plastic utensils, plates, and napkins or get them from the restaurant/food truck that you order from.
    • Click here for the food truck schedule:
  3. Stay home if you are sick.
    • We will be doing the same.
  4. Masks are optional.
  5. Seat yourself.
  6. Order drinks, start a tab, and pay at the ordering station located at the end of the bar. Don’t forget your ID. Any tabs left open will be charged the tab amount + 20% gratuity at the end of the night.
  7. We do not accept reservations.
  8. Indoor & outdoor seating available.
  9. 21+ after 7pm unless we are not busy.
  10. Curbside Pick Up Available:
    • Head to our “Shop” section to place a curbside pick up order.
    • Alcohol will be uploaded to our website at the start of our business hours and will be taken down one hour before closing time.
    • Curbside Pick Up is only available during our normal business hours that can be found on our homepage.
    • ***IMPORTANT*** You must pick your online order up from the brewery the same day the order is place during business hours. If you do not pick it up by our closing time, your order will be canceled. You will not be refunded or given a store credit. Thank you for understanding!
    • View more details about Curbside Pick Up here:
  11. Digital tap list:
  12. Sanitizing:
    • We will constantly be sanitizing surfaces, handles, restrooms, the entryway, tables, chairs, etc.
    • We have several hand sanitizer stations set up around the brewery that we encourage you to use.
    • We have air scrubbers installed in our HVAC system to help improve our indoor air quality.
  13. Personal growlers:
    • We are now refilling personal growlers.
    • Please bring them in clean for us to fill. If there is any debris, mold, or if it smells foul we will no be able to refill it.
    • You can still purchase growlers, howlers, and prowlers from us to fill.
  14. Can returns:
    • You are welcome to show us the can returns, but please bring them back to your house to recycle.
    • We will include the deposit return refund on your tab.
  15. Dog Friendly Outside:
    • Dogs must be on a leash, well behaved, and must remain outside at all times.

Curbside Pick Up

Curbside Pick Up is available during our posted business hours.


• Order beer, hard cider, and wine online only for curbside pick up.
Items will be uploaded to the website at opening every day and will be taken down 1 hour prior to closing time until further notice.
Pick your order up the same day you place it during our business hours. Your order will be canceled at closing time if it’s not picked up. You will not be refunded or given a store credit. Thank you for understanding.

    1. Click here to shop:
    2. Add items to your cart and click “View Cart” to check out.
    3. Check Out process….
    4. If someone else will be picking up your order, you must include their first and last name in the “Other Notes” section. This is located just below where you enter your billing address. Those picking up need to be 21+years old with a valid photo ID.
    5. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. You can pay via your credit/debt card. Just click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” when you are directed to the PayPal website.
    6. Check your email for your order receipt (from our website or PayPal). It will take a few minutes to come through. Please know your Order Number. PayPal shows the order number as WC-####.
    7. If you do not receive an email from us, give us a call to confirm we received your order.
    8. Give us about 20 minutes prior to picking up.
    9. Park in a “Curbside PickUp” parking spot.
    10. Call: (248) 956-7279 letting us know you are here.
    11. Provide your order number, full name, and what parking space you are in.
    12. Have your ID ready to show us through your driver side window (keep window closed).
    13. We will set the beer on the barstool in front of your parking spot for you to grab.



    1. Must be 21+ years old to purchase alcohol.
    2. Alcohol is only available for Pick Up at the brewery. No delivery or shipping.
    3. If you are also purchasing merchandise and would like to pick it up with your beer/wine, be sure to click “Local Pick Up at Brewery” if you do not want these items shipped to you.
    4. Please do not enter the taproom for curbside pick up in order to limit the amount of people inside our building.
    5. You must prepay with a credit card- no cash.
    6. No refunds or store credits if you do not pick up your order the same day you place it. At the end of the day if you do not pick up your order, it will be canceled and you will not receive a store credit/refund.
    7. No personal growlers will be filled at this time- only new growlers from us. They are discounted!
    8. We only have 1 phone line, so please be patient with us.
    9. Know your Order Number and provide that to us when you arrive.
    10. THANK YOU for ordering beer!

Detroit Free Press: November 2, 2019

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“He spilled beer on her on their second date. Now they run a popular Michigan brewery.”

, Detroit Free Press Published 7:00 a.m. ET Nov. 2, 2019 | Updated 9:47 a.m. ET Nov. 2, 2019

“Drafting Table Brewing Co., which opened in 2016 in Wixom, is quickly becoming one of Michigan’s big players in independent craft beer…”

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