Customer Keg Orders

Updated: 10/7/2021

We sell kegs to customers.

  1. Ordering:
    • Call us during our posted business hours: (248) 956-7279.
    • Email us through the Contact page.
    • Order one of our kegs or bring in a personal keg for us to fill. See below for more details on this.
  2. Available Beers:
    • Beer available for keg fills change frequently and is dependent on our stock.
    • Reach out to us for availability and pricing.
  3. Lead Times on Orders:
    • Usually 7-14 days, but we will call when the keg is ready to be picked up.
  4. Ordering a DTBC Keg:
    • Our kegs are compatible with a Sankey D Coupler.
    • Keg deposit is required. It will be returned to you when we receive our keg back.
    • Keg Sizes:
      • 1/6 bbl ($70 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~41
      • 1/4 bbl ($80 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~62
      • 1/2 bbl ($100 deposit): 16oz Pours = ~124
    • Please return our keg within 3 months or you are subject to losing your deposit.
  5. Ordering a fill for a Personal Keg:
    • Bring in your keg (Sankey or Corny) cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized to at least 5-psi.
    • If the keg is not pressurized there will be a $10 cleaning fee added to your order.
    • Personal kegs that are not clean/sanitized/pressurized may take 14+ days to fill as we only clean kegs twice a month.
    • We do not fill kegs that are from other breweries (including leased kegs from breweries). Example: Micro-Star.
  6. Picking Up & Purchasing:
    • We will call you when your keg is ready to pick up.
    • You are responsible for bringing the keg out of the brewery and loading it into your vehicle, so we recommend that you bring a 2nd person to assist you. Full 1/2 bbl kegs weigh ~180 lbs.
    • Pay for your keg when you pick up, not at the time of ordering.
    • If the keg is not picked up within 7 days of us contacting you, it’s subject to be resold to another customer.
  7. Picnic/Hand Tap:
    • If you need a picnic/hand tap because it’s not going in a kegerator, just let us know and we can add one to your order ($30 deposit).
  8. Tap Handles for Sale:
    • Custom Drafting Table tap handles are also for sale for your at home kegerator.
    • $35 + tax and can be purchased at the brewery.