Aaron | Owner + Head Brewer :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: Professional Pils :: INTERESTS :: Skiing, golfing, running, soccer, and beer :: SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME :: I’ve ran 9 marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2014. My PR is 2hrs and 56 minutes.

Kristin | Co-owner

Kristin | Co-Owner :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: Kölsch, Professional Pils, and Tree Rings Brown :: INTERESTS :: In the summer I love being in the sun by a lake, ocean, or river. I also enjoy kayaking and golfing. In the winter I enjoy downhill skiing and sitting by a fire with a beer and my dog, Barley. :: …

Amber | Pub Manager

Amber | Pub Manager :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: My favorite DT beer is any variation of Tarty Slip. :: INTERESTS :: I like long walks to the brewery and napping.

Meg | Shift Leader

Meg | Shift Leader :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: Rezolute will always be one of my all-time favorite beers, but I’m quite partial to the Tarty Slip series and Coffee with a Blonde, too. :: LIKES :: Unicorns. Cats. Glitter. Corgis. Japanese stuff. :: SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME :: I have a twin…. And I am also a very …


Matt | Shift Leader  :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: Palatable (or from the core lineup: Cranberry Tarty Slip) :: INTERESTS :: Playing games of all kinds—anything from table-top games and trivia to ice hockey and darts :: SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME :: I am a multi-vocational minister and have dreams of living in a simple small house on …

Henry | Bartender

Henry | Shift Leader  :: FAVORITE DRAFTING TABLE BEER :: Simon Saaz Czech Pilsner :: INTERESTS :: I run a small (very small) IT company, amateur drone pilot, Elvis Presley enthusiast.