Motor City Pasty

The Motor City Pasty Company will bring the pasty - an Upper Peninsula delicacy of meats, potatoes, and vegetables all wrapped up in a delicious flaky pastry crust - to Detroit! You might be asking, what is a pasty?! To the people of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (a.k.a. Yoopers), the pasty (pass-tee) is more than food, it is cultural icon. Cornish miners brought the pasty with them when they came to the UP to mine the rich veins of copper and iron ore. The pasty soon became the standard lunch for miners because it was portable, filling, and stayed warm during their shift! The portability of the pasty not only made it easy to carry, but it could be heated by putting the pasty on a shovel and holding it over a head-lamp candle. This makes for a perfect fast-casual food, as well as a great cash-and-carry meal! That is why it will work in Detroit - the pasty will become a delicacy among the casual dining crowd and foodies, and will become a staple of the Detroit dining scene!

Upcoming Brewery Stops:

December 2, 2023

Motor City Pasty

4:00 pm-8:00 pm