Membership Newsletter

When you sign up for a membership, we will add you to our Membership Newsletter. This is an email we send out a few times a month to update members on what’s happening around the brewery. Make sure to read it as soon as you receive it so you don’t miss out on exciting things for members only. This email …

Merchandise Discount

Members receive 10% off of all merchandise all the time at the brewery. This includes apparel, glassware, and hats. No discounts on gift cards or on sale items unless otherwise noted.

Birthday Beer

Show your ID on your birthday, and we will buy you a beer!

$1.00 Off Mug Fills

You will receive $1.00 off full pours of Tier 1-4 beers and $0.50 off 10-oz pours of Tier 1-2 beers.

Growler Fill Discounts

Members get discounts on growler fills. $2.00 off growler fills $1.00 off howler fills Growlers are 64 oz jugs and howlers are half growlers. So, not only do you receive discounts on DTBC beers in the pub, but you also get money off beer to go.

Your Own Mug or Mugless Glass

Mugless Club Members- You will be served in a 20 oz Mugless glass with the Mugless logo for tier 1-2 beers. It’s 4 oz larger than the regular pour for $1 less! Mug Club Members- You can purchase your very own 20+ oz locally, hand-crafted, glazed ceramic Drafting Table mug. It are larger than the standard pour by 4 oz …