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4pk- Rosie

Irish Red

This Irish red ale is malt forward and brewed with Pale, Crystal, Caramel, and Victory malts, and a touch of roasted barley. It has a reddish hue, low bitterness, and is very sessionable.
  • 4pk of 16oz cans
  • Price includes deposit and $1.00 gratuity

Bitterness scale

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5.2% ALC / VOL • Net contents 16 fl. oz.

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5.2% ABV

Each 16oz can of 4pk- Rosie contains 5.2% alcohol by volume (ABV).

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Pint Glass

Drink however you'd like – we recommend drinking from a Pint Glass.


22 IBU

IBUs measure overall bitterness of our drinks providing some context.

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Keep cold

4pk- Rosie is best enjoyed cold – so let's keep it that way. Refrigerate stat.

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Do not age

This ain't wine, so don't treat it as such. Our beers are made to be enjoyed – not aged.

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Please recycle

Let's be sure we can still enjoy the planet after enjoying a beer – please recycle.

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