Taproom Now Open


Below are our temporary business hours. Make sure to always check our website for our latest hours prior to visiting us as these may change.
Monday-Thursday • 3-10pm
Friday • 12-10pm
Saturday, July 4th • 12-6pm
Sunday • 1-9pm


IMPORTANT: Please read and follow all of our new policies we’ve put into place in order to have the healthiest and safest environment for everyone as we open the inside for you to have a pint full of beer.

Thank you for your patience during this transition, and thank you for supporting Drafting Table!
  1. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. We will be doing the same. We will also be completing a health screening and taking our temperatures before each shift.
  2. Please wait to be seated. We will ask you a few questions prior to showing you to your table. If there is a wait, add your name and cell phone number to the list and we will text you when your table is ready. We unfortunately cannot allow you to wait for a table inside, so please feel free to wait in your car or take a walk around downtown Wixom.
  3. Masks are required to be worn until you are seated with your beer. If you get up from your table, please put your mask back on. Please do not enter our building without a mask on (and please wear it correctly).
  4. If you are only ordering beer to-go, please use the online Curbside Pick Up ordering process to limit the number of people inside our building. Alcohol will be uploaded to our website at the start of our business hours and will be taken down at closing time. Curbside Pick Up is available during the days and times we are open. ***NEW*** You must pick your online order up from the brewery the same day the order is place during business hours. If you do not pick it up by our closing time, your order will be canceled. You will not be refunded or given a store credit. Thank you for understanding! View more details about Curbside Pick Up here: https://draftingtablebeer.com/home/curbside/
  5. We will be at LESS THAN 50% capacity to ensure 6 feet social distancing rules, so we will have a lot less tables and chairs.
  6. With this being said, we will be 21+ years old after 7pm.
  7. All members of your party (including children) will need to remain seated at all times unless ordering a beverage or using the restroom.
  8. Keep 6 feet away from others not in your party as much as possible.
  9. Do not move our tables and chairs. We’ve placed them specifically where they are to ensure we have at least 6 feet distance between each party.
  10. There will not be any bar stools along the bar. It will be table seating only for the time being.
  11. Our tap list will be on our website. Scan the QR code on your table to view our online menu. If you do not have a smart phone, just ask a server to assist you. View our tap list here: https://draftingtablebeer.com/home/beer/
  12. Please order your drinks and pay/open a tab at the bar for the time being. We have two ordering stations set up for you. There are markings on the ground showing 6 feet distance and plex-glass hung to separate you from the server. Don’t forget to bring your ID and wear your mask.
  13. Sorry, no mingling between or at other tables outside of your own.
  14. Max group size is 10 people. We only have one table that can accommodate this size group.
  15. We will constantly be sanitizing surfaces, handles, restrooms, the entry way, tables, chairs, etc.
  16. We have several hand sanitizer stations set up around the brewery that we encourage you to use.
  17. Restrooms- since we cannot guarantee 6 feet distance between others in the restrooms, we ask that only one person at a time uses them unless they are in the same party as you. Please knock before entering.
  18. We are still holding off on filling customer’s personal growlers and accepting can returns. You are welcome to show us the can returns, but bring them back to your house to recycle. We will include the deposit return refund on your tab.
  19. We will not have board games and coloring books available until further notice.
  20. Sorry, no darts.
  21. All our normal weekly events are on hold for the time being.
  22. All food trucks are on hold until further notice as well. We encourage you to order food from our neighboring restaurants. Please also bring your own plastic utensils, plates, and napkins or get them from the restaurant that you order food from.

Thank you for reading all the new policies. If you choose not to follow them, we will ask you to leave immediately.