Euchre Night • Every Wednesday


Event Details

This event is running from 1 February 2023 until 26 April 2023. It is next occurring on March 29, 2023 6:45 pm

  • Upcoming Dates:

Join us for euchre at 6:45pm (cards get dealt at 7pm) and each Wednesday this winter. Sign up with our host at the Stammtisch table. We are limiting the number of players to the first 32 people who sign up.

We will play a casual and friendly 6 to 8 round game with a different partner for each round. We will typically play eight games an evening, so it is not a big deal being late and missing a round.

Here are the rules:

  • It’s free to play (just purchase a drink or two from us)
  • All skill levels are welcome
  • A “game” is made up of eight hands with each player dealing twice.
  • You can get more than 10 points.
  • No stealing the deal.
  • Change partners after each game. You rotate partners at your table of four to avoid too many moves to another table.
  • After four games at that table, the loser moves to another table and begins another four games.
  • “Screw the Dealer”
  • WHEN GOING ALONE the opposite team gets four points for Euchres and reneges.
  • No table talk regarding the current hand. Talk your heads off about everything else. THIS IS A SOCIAL EVENT!
  • Don’t play too slow.
  • If there is an odd number of people we may have a sit-out or play a six-person cutthroat game.
  • Keep your own score and be honest.
  • One of our mug club members will be hosting the game and helping people learn the rules (thank you Bob for helping!)
  • Don’t be a jerk!
  • Have fun!
  • The person with the most points will win a Drafting Table gift card at the end of the night.